As a teacher of Textiles & Fashion I wrote my own text book.

Stanley Thornes(publishers)Ltd.1990.

My interest in Fashion History led me into Photo History.

While studying for an M.A., I chose to research Staffordshire's early photography.
This lead to further research and the listing of three other counties.

Two photographer lists were published by the R.P.S Historical Group.
No 103 1993 - North Staffordshire
No 105 1994 - South Staffordshire

I extended the research into SHROPSHIRE, CHESHIRE and LANCASHIRE.

Lists from two of these counties were also published by the R.P.S.
No 108 1995 - Cheshire
No 114 1996 - Shropshire
These lists are available on C.D. from me (see- Contact page)

My Lancashire research was published by PhotoRearch
This is still available from me.
(see-Contact page)

These early photographer lists are of great help to Family Historians who want to date a photograph taken in the above counties.

The Lancashire book will aid anyone who wishes to date a family photograph by studying the fashion worn in the picture

I am an experienced photographer with British and International qualifications.

Photo History

I am a Photo Historian as well as a Photographer
My research has been centred around the West Midland and North Western Counties.

I have listed early photographers in order to help Family Historians to date photographs by :

Who took the picture?

Where was the photographer's studio?

What Fashion was the subject wearing?