As a teacher of Textiles & Fashion I wrote my own text book.

Stanley Thornes(publishers)Ltd.1990.

My interest in Fashion History led me into Photo History.

While studying for an M.A., I chose to research Staffordshire's early photography.
This lead to further research.

Two photographer lists were published by the R.P.S Historical Group.
No 103 1993 - North Staffordshire
No 105 1994 - South Staffordshire

I extended the research into SHROPSHIRE, CHESHIRE and LANCASHIRE.

Lists from two of these counties were also published by the R.P.S.
No 108 1995 - Cheshire
No 114 1996 - Shropshire
These lists are available on C.D. from me (see- Contact page)

My Lancashire research was published by PhotoRearch
This is still available from me.
(see-Contact page)

These early photographer lists are of great help to Family Historians who want to date a photograph taken in the above counties.

The Lancashire book will aid anyone who wishes to date a family photograph by studying the fashion worn in the picture

Photo History

I am a Photo Historian as well as a Photographer
My research has been centred around the West Midland and Northern Counties.

I have listed early photographers in order to help Family Historians to date photographs by :

Who took the picture?

Where was the photographer's studio?

What Fashion was the subject wearing?